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Ronda Spencer

Hello Families and Students,

I hope everyone is well and ready for blended learning from home!  It is important for students to keep learning, especially during these new and challenging times.  However, we will get through this and the students will show us how amazing they are and that they are Can Do Kids!  We will get through this together.

I have reached most of my students' parents, but if I have not been able contact you, please email me at and I will send you the login information for your child and other crucial information.  Also, if there is anything you need, have questions or concerns about, or anything else, please email, text, or call me.  If you do not have my cellphone number, please email me and I will share that with you.  I am also using Classdojo to communicate with families.  Email me for a link to join or class on Classdojo.  I want to help support you and your child through the school closing.  The school uses a website named Clever.  Please use the steps below to access Clever.  Again, you will need your child's login information.  Please contact me if you do not have that information.

*****If you have NOT picked up your child's learning packet.  Please do so during meal distribution on Monday or Wednesday between 9 and 1 at the school.  Grades for this quarter will come primarily from the learning packet.  Your child MUST have a learning packet.*****

Grades WILL be taken this quarter.  All grades will come from the learning packets and at-home learning activities.  Nothing will be physically turned in at the school.  Instead, pictures of completed work and videos of activities will be submitted online, emailed, or texted.  Please see Classdojo messages for the list of assignments and due dates.  If you need the information sent to you again, please message, text, or email me.

Printed Learning Packet

Students should start using the learning packets on Monday, April 6th.  There is a welcome letter containing all kindergarten teacher's contact information.  There is a schedule included that has a detailed daily schedule for the next three weeks.  Also, there is a second packet that we will use for weeks 4 through 6.  PLEASE SAVE ALL completed pages and submit pictures of pages listed on the grading document shared through Classdojo.

Directions to use Clever

  1. Type in and then click students 


  1. Click on Students 

  1. Click Pearson/Mc-Graw Hill(Clever)
  1. Click Log in with Google

  1. Login using your child’s school email address, which starts with S9. If you have not gotten your child's information, please email me at:

  2. Student's email address ends in:

When using Clever, your child should use the USA Test Prep, Edgenuity Pathblazer and ST Math programs.  The USA Test Prep should be used daily, if possible, as assignments for math and reading will be given daily Monday through Friday.  The other programs should be used 2 to 5 times a week.  Each session should be a minimum of 20 minutes if possible.  There is an additional program on Clever for reading, it's called MyOn.  Your child should can this one as well.  It is great for developing reading skills!

I realize devices and Internet are limited for some students.  These are recommendations.  Please do the best you can and if you need help, please contact me.  

In class we were watching the nest of two eagles and their babies for many weeks.  We started watching when the nest had two eggs.  We watched the mom and dad care for the eggs.  We watched the eggs hatch, and checked on the baby eagles daily to see them grow.  Since we were last at school they have really gotten big!  Your child can continue to watch them grow, and eventually fly, at  


Everyone should do the following, which does not require technology:

*Read anything you have at home with your child. 

*Practice the sight words in your child's binder.  All the words for the year are on the current list.  Below are the words for the 3rd and 4th quarter in case you can't find your list.

*Write CVC (mop, cat, mat, tip, bit, let, and so on)  words and have your child blend and read them to you.

*Say a CVC word and have your child write the word and/or spell it aloud.

*Have your child write simple sentences using CVC words and sight words.  Examples:  I see a big cat jump! 

*Students can write the sight words, spell them out loud, make flashcards, read them from the list in their binder or the one below, look for them in books,or anything else you think of to have them practice.  Practice, practice, practice is the main thing!

Sight Words for the 3rd and 4th Quarters are listed below:   

  1. jump
  2. move
  3. again
  4. new
  5. there
  6. use
  7. could
  8. live
  9. then
  10. eat
  11. under
  12. all
  13. day
  14. her
  15. around
  16. by
  17. many
  18. place
  19. walk 
  20. away
  21. now
  22. some
  23. today
  24. way
  25. why
  26. grow
  27. pretty
  28. should
  29. together
  30. water
  31. any
  32. from
  33. happy
  34. once
  35. so
  36. upon
  37. ago
  38. boy 
  39. girl
  40. how
  41. old
  42. black
  43. blue
  44. red
  45. white
  46. yellow
  47. green
  48. brown
  49. orange
  50. purple

If your child can get online he or she can use the following in ADDITION to Clever:

Scholastic is offering a FREE reading lesson for each day of the week.  They have the first week posted and plan to post three more weeks of free lessons.  They offer online books, activities, and more.  Lessons and more information can be found at:

We use the Phonics Dance video daily in the classroom to practice letter sounds:

Jack Hartman has several sight word videos.  You can search for the specific sight word videos by using his name and the desired sight word.  Here are a few of his videos with several sight words included:

Blending CVC Words

We have been working on blending CVC words. (CVC word is a word that is made up of a consonant, vowel, and consonant sound.  Examples include: mop, wet, hot, tip, man, hut, etc.)  In class, we chop and blend the letter sounds (your child should be able to show you how we chop and blend the letter sounds) You can find a list of CVC words using the link below:

Books Read Aloud Online

Through Clever you can use the MyOn program


Everyone should do the following:

*Practice counting groups of objects to 20.
You can have your child count almost anything in your home.  A handful of raw noodles, a small amount of rice, a group of toys, a jar of buttons, ANYTHING!  Just grab whatever you think is close to a number between 5 and 20 and have them count.  

*Ask them to count for you to 100 by ones and tens.

*Practice writing the numbers 0 through 20.

*Add numbers 0 to 5.  If your child masters adding the numbers 0 to 5, have them use the numbers 0 to 10.

*Subtract numbers 0 to 5.   If your child masters subtraction using numbers 0 to 5, have them use the numbers 0 to 10.

If your child can get online he or she can use the following in ADDITION to Clever:

We use the following videos regularly in the classroom for basic skills:

Counting to 120 and 100:

Counting by 10s:

Place Value:

Money / Coins:

P.E. at Home:

Does your child need to get the wiggles out and get moving?  We use GoNoodle in the classroom. This is a great way to get exercise without leaving the house!  Here is the link:

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